Its unique functional principle facilitates very high performance. The “V-DUO” series features 2-colour machines. Very high register accuracy thanks to the printing of both tampons at one printing position.

The V-shaped tampon bridge facilitates parallel print image transfer and print image pick-up.

The combination of V principle and universal control makes it possible to fulfil practically any wish.

The variaty of setting options can be saved in 5 programme sequences. Each tampon can be independently programmed with all functions.

The function “start of production” allows actuating customer’s automations. The two cliché holders are provided with an x-y-w adjustment option, an ink residue pick-up system is installed as standard. 

To increase performance (feeding), we recommend the addition of a rotary index table.

With the implementation of our standardised “Modul 1000″ the extension for a semi-automation will be achieved to allow integration into automated systems, the “V-DUO” series is also available as bench model.