The customer has the choice between two technical printing units and also of converting at a later point in time to a different printing unit, saving resources.

The basic “TSM” machine is always the same.” tsm hermetic transverse doctor blade kit” for print motifs up to 520 mm in length and a print image width up to 85 mm.

Ideal for long print parts with high labelling requirement. “tsm hermetic multi-ink kit solo” with up to 5 ink units.

Major advantage: “Do-it-yourself” cliché types are usable, like the environmentally friendly plastic clichés, which are rinsed with water. Printing unit / tampon stroke / carriage movement are optionally pneumatically driven or with servomotors.

Energy efficiency in the kinematics of doctor blade and tampon movement, plus resource-saving machine frame construction round off the successful machine concept.