Tampotech Ltd are able to offer all genuine TAMPOPRINT® Inks. TAMPOPRINT® has always been at the forefront of the pad printing industry, producing new innovations in all fields relevant to tampon printing. One especially important innovation is the introduction of safer, more environmentally friendly inks. TAMPOPRINT® AG has been working with well known manufacturers in the printing inks industry to produce inks that are free of halogens and cyclohexanone, and inks that are mostly manufactured with renewable raw materials.

Tampoprint AG’s continuing innovation and product development is a major component behind their global success. The products that are being used by our customers have to correspond to the latest technology and regulations. For this reason we have decided to discontinue the following ink series: R, O, HS, K and Q

This essential change will come into effect by the end of 2014 at the very latest.

These ink series currently still correspond to DIN EN 71, however we have good reason to believe that some of their ingredients will be classified as toxic in the near future.

We currently already have a full replacement ink that can be used instead of these older products: ACP ink. This new environmentally friendly ink has been designed to completely replace the five older ranges and is already available for purchase.