The first development had to deliver a compact design and high performance. Now the ROTOPRINT series machine with its new machine housing has a modern look. What’s more, operation and accessibility of the high-performance pad printing machine which has been optimized through ergonomic adjustments and the integration of state-of-the-art safety technology. Through this revamp, TAMPOPRINT has integrated the successful ROTOPRINT model into the range of standard machines.

The ROTOPRINT can be equipped for printed images between one and three colours. Depending on equipment, the concept enables an output of max. 3000 printed bottle caps (28mm Diameter) a minute. With all variants, products are supplied using the tried and tested ascending conveyor. This prevents unnecessary machine stops caused by incorrectly oriented caps- which is gentle on parts and ensures a correct position.

All 3-lane ROTOPRINT machines are supplied with a water-cooled wheel in their basic equipment. Outstanding register accuracy is attained by the constant temperature control of the jig carrier. Together with the H-RTI 21-150 printing unit, sophisticated motifs with precise print images for years to come and consistent quality are attained. Rapid colour, cliché, motif changes and tool-free operation reduce the ROTOPRINT’s tooling times.

The ROTOPRINT is the most cost-effective solution for bottle cap printing with outstanding quality features and maximum performance.