Rotary tampon printing is our speciality. single and multicoloured print images on the circumference or face of your printed part achievable at high speed. We offer 3 different integrated printing units and a stand-alone solution for you to choose from.

The “rti 21-150″ is a horizontally working rotary printing unit which is specifically suited for use in any kind of automated systems.

Built into all Rotoprint and Continua automated systems since 2012 as the successor to the proven “RTI 2000″. By arranging several printing units one after another, high-quality multicolour prints can be produced.


The simple method of setting the registration positions without tools should also be emphasised. The print image size of the standard printing unit is 80 x 300 mm.

Should larger print images be required, the print image size can be increased significantly by using special-purpose modules.

The “rti 2000″ is available as a horizontally or vertically operating rotary printing unit. By means of this positioning, the products delivered can be printed from above or from the side. Particularly for cylindrical and vertically standing parts, the “V-RTI 2000″ is the ideal printing unit.

The “rti-Kompakt ii e” is a single-colour rotary tampon printing machine. Designed as a manual workstation, it is primarily used to print round or flat parts. “RTI-Kompakt II” equipped with an “RTI/2-100″ printing unit is an economic solution.