With increasingly shorter product cycles, the inquiries for flexible and modular means of production are increasing. TAMPOPRINT realized these requirements and developed a new machine concept with patent-registered components. The semi-automation MODULE ONE is an individually configurable and universally deployable solution – with interesting price-competitive parameters through consequent standardization.

Central element of the MODULE ONE is formed on a base frame, which allows flexibility of the assembly. The MODULE ONE can be outfitted with up to three machine satellites. For the assembly pad printing machines can be selected from the HERMETIC Series and SEALED INK CUP E. The remaining positions can independently be outfitted: for instance, with intermediate drying, infrared-drying and part recognition.


With a maximum 3-colour print image with a diameter of 125mm each, the MODULE ONE is suitable for a multitude of applications in the area of toys, electronics and household appliances. Construction and installation are reduced through standardization of all assemblies and ancillary options. Solely the order-related parts-holding fixtures will be manufactured with modern CNC-machine tools.

Conclusion: The uniform basis of the MODULE ONE provides with standardized assemblies for great flexibility and enormously shortened setup-times.