Modul 2010

MODUL 2010 is an innovative automation platform which can be used in all fields of the production technology, such as pharmaceutical, packaging and automotive industries. Applications where hygiene is critical can be realised well thanks to the materials used.

The basis of the MODUL 2010 consists of a stainless steel compact frame and a rotary index table with a diameter of 800 mm. This module can be equipped with two to four tampon printing machines and is perfectly suitable for medium-sized quantities. Thanks to the mechanical drive the MODUL 2010 offers a precise repeat accuracy.

Therefore it can be combined both with the electro pneumatic tampon printing machines of the “Sealed Ink Cup E” series and with the electro mechanical machines of the “Hermetic” series. For the circular printing of cylindrical parts the MODUL 2010 will be equipped with the rotary tampon printing machines of the “RTI” series.

There is also the possibility of combining tampon printing machines and laser unit. Up to twelve workpiece carriers can be applied to the MODUL 2010. Depending on the application requirements it is also possible to integrate pretreatment and/or drying units. The control of the MODUL 2010 takes place via the tried and tested VIPA S7 PLC control.

The MODUL 2010 can be fed manually or using a handling or feeding system. Depending on the application the module can be designed either as a semiautomatic or a fully automatic machine.

With manual feeding the output depends on the operator and is approx. 900 cycles/h. In case of fully automatic feeding a maximum output of up to 3.600 cycles/h can be achieved.