With this modular automation platform TAMPOPRINT presents a new generation of pad printing automation for industrial application.

The special thing about MAP is that their units can be assembled freely according to the modular principle. MAP is an automation that did not exist previously in this form!

The MAP base frame is available in two sizes and provides up to 20 positions, which can be fitted freely and variably with pad printing, laser, pre- and post-treatment and monitoring units.

These stations can also subsequently be changed. Equipped with large machine doors, the operator has absolutely free access to the interior of the MAP modular automation platform.


In addition, the layout of the pad printing unit has been fully revamped. To simplify settings and reduce set-up times, the cliché unit is facing the operator outwardly.

Cliché and pad changes are separated and performed independently. Depending on the application and function of the surface geometry, and requirements for precision, the printing units are available in an electric or pneumatic version.