Perfect your products with print images in unheard of pad printing quality. Witness the finest contours, detailed sharpness and a resolution of which your competition can only dream of. Our new dynamic duo with something extra: The INTAGLIO laser cliché and the SPGPPrints cliché laser variLEX 8130 T work hand in hand for your outstanding printing results.

The INTAGLIO laser cliché is a development from TAMPOPRINT. Produced for you to achieve the best printing results. The fine engraving in the cliché is perfectly suited for detailed pad printing. Regardless of whether for a monochrome, multicolored or a photo realistic CMYK print motif.

As well everything in the resolution meets the printing standards of exclusive glossy magazines. Make your product the eye-catcher on the shelf before the competition does.

How does this work? Point by point the smallest cells are engraved in the INTAGLIO laser cliché. Each of them being very precise, having different depths and widths. This is how the pad printing ink can be precisely printed in different shades. Getting up to 30,000 prints in a contour sharpness that cannot be achieved with any other cliché.

How is this done? First of all, you create the INTAGLIO laser cliché yourself fast and operator-independent with the cliché laser variLEX 8130 T of our cooperation partner SPGPrints Austria. Fasten the cliché on the magnetic drum, load the print image on the PC and engrave. 100% reproducible and documented for your quality assurance. An enormous time saving when compared with the conventional photochemical cliché production.