The future in the tampon printing process

Integrated cliché production using laser engraving.

The tampon printing machine “HYBRID 90-2″ combines the concept of the “hermetic” tampon printing with the flexibility of the digital data for cliché production.

This is possible thanks to the “microflex” cliché band which was specially developed for this purpose and the matched software “TP_alfa®”

Automatic changeover of print motifs takes place within the shortest possible time.

A multi-colour print motif will be directly produced with precise register setting by using laser engraving within the machine.

There is no need to exchange cliché and ink cup. You will save enormous set-up costs and material inventory. 

The “HYBRID 90-2″ is based on the well-tried “V-DUO” principle with an ink/doctoring cup size of 2x Ø 90 mm.

This forward-looking machine concept was made possible above all thanks to our in-house developed and produced “microflex” cliché band. It has a high engraving quality and mechanical stability.