Tampon Printing Machines

“HERMETIC” Tampon Printing System

Series: Vario, TSG, Sealed Ink Cup, Deko Printer, Concentra

This system involves a fixed cliche, with a sealed ink cup moving back and forth across the cliche. The pad assembly moves back and forth between positions above the cliche and printing surface.

Series: Encoder, Hermetic, Rapid 2000

This similar system uses a fixed tampon position and fixed ink cup, with a sliding cliche, usually resulting in a shorter cycle time.

“CLOSURE” Tampon Printing System

The rotary system is ideal for printing closures at high volume with accurate repetitions and multiple colours.

“OPEN” Tampon Printing System

Series: TT 31, TT 41, TS 31, TS 41

The open system is a method of printing which allows access to the ink mixture at all times.

“CONTINUA” Tampon Printing System

The Continua system is a printing technique that allows a very high volume output with a continuous flow of components.

“TSQ” Tampon Printing System

The TSQ features a lateral doctoring motion, meaning that it can accommodate longer pieces of artwork.

“ROTARY” Tampon Printing System

Ink is transferred to a rotary tampon from a cylindrical cliche, and image is rolled onto components rather than stamped, making this method ideal for cylindrical pieces.

“ROTOPRINT” Tampon Printing System

The Rotoprint system can be used with a rotating wheel that holds components, giving a very high output.

“TOPSPIN” System

The topspin system combines the features of the rotoprint system and the rotary print on a radius.


The vertical rotary system allows a flat component to be printed on both sides at a very high volume.